Unconditional Magazine 'The Body' Issue #8 - Paloma Cover
Unconditional Magazine 'The Body' Issue #8
Unconditional Magazine 'The Body' Issue #8 - Edita Cover
Unconditional Magazine 'The Body' Issue #8 - Arizona Cover

Unconditional Magazine 'The Body' Issue #8

Unconditional Magazine celebrates the female body in their 8th issue. Fashion has long conspired to make women feel ashamed of their and has perplexed the idea and narrowed an impossible ideal on the understanding of beauty. To shed light on this Unconditional focus on real stories from real women that everyone can relate to. Values and topics such as confidence, charisma, sexuality and power are discussed through incredible interviews and deep imagery.

”With this issue, we wanted to return to things women can relate to, things that reflect how they live and who they actually are; things that feel real. This is our BODY issue. Our bodies have never been more on display but are they actually being seen.” - Unconditional Magazine

The biannual fashion magazine, by Alexandra Nataf and Ilona Hamer, is made for the contemporary woman, who actively enjoys fashion but does not follow trends. Honouring integrity, simplicity, and intelligence, Unconditional embodies an innate and immutable sense of style.

Pages: 192 pages